Saturday, May 2, 2009

found again

I have a cool story...

So when I was in the 2nd & 3rd grade I had a BEST friend named Carrie. Her mom was a 'stay-at-home' mom so I went to her house everyday afterschool and then we spent full days together over the summers.

We did such silly things! Lots of silly things! I'm talking 'played with matches silly' and 'run-away-from-home' silly, we used to make prank phone calls together to random people. We wrote fan letters to Donny Osmond. We learned the art of hypnotizing our friends (not really).

Anyways, in the 4th grade my family moved across town, but Carrie & I stayed good friends. In the 6th grade her family moved to Texas (weirdly enough, they moved to Round Rock, Texas). In 7th grade we went on a family vacation to Texas & picked her up so she could spend time with me.

Unfortunately we didn't communicate too much after that until the late 1990's when Scott & I moved to Round Rock too. We got re-connected for a short while, but as fate would have it we moved back to Iowa in 1999.

Since we've been back in Round Rock for 1-1/2 years, I keep thinking I'll run into her or something... but hadn't seen anything about her, I figured she must've moved away. Until last Wednesday.
I got a request on my Facebook page from Carrie. A quick barrage of emails revealed that she IS still in Round Rock!
We got together for coffee that night and visited for a short 3 hours. So much to talk about! Carrie & I talked like NO TIME had passed since our last visit... (which was like 10 years ago). Awesome. She has 3 girls and married to a great guy. I stopped by her house yesterday to give her a copy of a Ginny Owens CD that might give her inspiration.
She is battling a cancer that won't leave her. Tomorrow she's having a liver re-section at M.D. Anderson in Houston.
I see this friendship being rekindled and staying lit! Seeing her brought me such joy this week and I think it was a bright spot for her too. I look forward to many more times of revisiting the past but what good things to look forward! What a great story!!

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