Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stony Point rugby vs. Houston West Side High

We were in Houston yesterday for a Rugby game with Houston's West Side High School. It was a long trip but worth it since we won 32 - 5. Yay!

Here is Dillon standing during a break in the game. Here is Jared in the huddle after the game.

This is an awesome tackle made by Jared. Jared is number 17 on top of the opponent on the ground.

This is the same picture as above but I blew it up because I wanted you to see the uncanny resemblance to a classic movie scene....
The opponent laying under Jared looks just like the legs of the Wicked Witch... the one that the house fell on... from the Wizard of Oz.... especially with the striped socks. Amazing. lol
This was a funny sign we encountered on the way to the game.

This video has Scott's voice yelling for Jared because he carries the ball for a score!
(only to be brought back by penalties, but nonetheless, very exciting!)

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