Monday, February 9, 2009

quote of the day... from work

I jotted these down from last week, all are from customers who are filling out a form to obtain their birth certificate:

Place of Birth: "Is 'Round Rock Hospital' in Round Rock?"

Mother's Full Maiden Name: "Do I need to put my Mom's first and last name on here?"

Address (city/state/zip): (keep in mind that he is filling out a form & stopped to ask me this question)
customer: "Can you tell me the zip code?"
me: "Sure, it's 78626"
customer: "I don't think that's right"
me: "That is Georgetown's zip code"
customer: "Well that's not where I live"
me: "Where do you live?" (Sorry, my mind-reading skills aren't sharp today?!)
customer: "Jarrell, Texas" (Really?! Do I look like a walking zip code directory?!)

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