Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i forgot to tell ya

I forgot to share Scott's most recent fender-bender accident. Again, not his fault... I'm thinking he has 'wrong place / wrong time' syndrome. Anyways he was slowing down for road construction traffic on a busy highway in Austin and the guy behind him happen to look down at his map that same instant. BAM!
The suburban "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.
Notice the bumpy-ish part to the left of the tailgate handle and the debris on the bumper? Now look at the other guy's vehicle.
Umm.... yeah.
The other guy got a ticket for unsafe following distance, therefore the other insurance paid for the repair, rental replacement and Scott's medical check-ups.
Scott felt like he'd been 'hit by a truck' (literally!) for a few days. We're still waiting for the doctor to review the x-rays.

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Anonymous said...

Now you understand why I drive a Suburban (icall it my subdavision)