Monday, December 29, 2008

when you least expect it...

Friday morning at the breakfast table Jared says to me "Mom, don't say anything about Benji's face". So I'm thinking that he must've contracted a huge zit in the night & I've prepared myself to NOT look at the obvious.
Except this is the obvious.
Oh No! Poor Benji was the first to fall asleep and therefore the most accessible target. Madison was insisting this was immature behavior of her brothers when Jennelle, my late-20's something cousin, comes bounding into the room & says "Has Benji seen his face yet?!" Yes Madison, even adults have moments of regression. heehee
Luckily the marker came off. At least on his face. I don't know if he's found the drawings on his legs. I'm sure he has by now. If not, then... "Benji! Wash your left leg!!"

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