Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So the time is upon us

It's time to start the Christmas decorating. I spent some time on Saturday clearing a corner of the living room to put the Christmas tree up. When I finally finished that task I went upstairs to retrieve the decorations from the spare bedroom closet.
Big mistake.
There were piles of sheet music on the floor, many articles of Dillon's clothes (which he denies), blankets tossed onto the floor from the bed (did someone actually sleep in there?) and toys from Jared's newest game - the indoor-basketball-hoop-throwing-thing that takes up half the room. I couldn't even make it to the closet without stumbling.

I picked up a long lost dinner plates, a fork, & 2 glasses on my way to the closet door.

Inside I found boxes stacked to the ceiling with an ocassional one opened & contents sprawling out of it. Mostly scrapbook memoriabilia. Granted it was fun to look at some old school pictures & relive some of Dillon's elementary school wrestling moments when we found some winning medals... but it's not helping the Christmas cause.

Madison (bless her little Christmas heart) spent the day cleaning the spare bedroom & we are now ready to commence with decorating when Scott gets home on Friday night. Yay! Thanks Madison!

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Anonymous said...

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

Jamie Davison and family!