Sunday, November 30, 2008

A visit to Kyle

On the way home from San Marcos we stopped in Kyle to visit Scott's aunt & uncle... and all the cousins who dropped in too. As soon as we got everyone's names figured out, then another batch of cousins would arrive. Do you know how many Albert, Clayton and Allens there are in that family?! Geesh!
Scott's aunt lives with her son for constant health care. She & her husband
have both had their fair share of sickness this past couple of years.
However, Scott & I both felt that this was the BEST visit
we've ever had with the both of them.
That's saying alot since Scott has known them his whole life.
It was a great visit...
these pictures are posted especially for Scott's mom.
Patty & Clayton said they were pretty sure you remembered
what they looked like, but they'd pose for a picture anyway. :)

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