Friday, November 14, 2008

my Veteran's Day

Isn't it amazing how one day off from work will rejuvenate & restore! I had Tuesday off because it was Veteran's Day. Now, don't get me wrong, I completely appreciate all the folks who have served in the military & sacrificed their time and sometimes their lives.... it's just that this year I paid my own tribute by cleaning my house. More specifically; the kitchen, living room & 2 bathrooms. Oh, and I paid a few bills.
I actually woke up earlier than normal because I was so anxious to get started getting the house put in order. Now that's tellin' ya something.

I got up & started a crockpot of chili right away. Yum! We shared it at supper time with the next door neighbors, Yvonne & little Dominick. We have such fun neighbors & Dominick is so entertaining now that he's talking so much (he's 1-1/2 yrs old).

The only times I left the house was to take Dillon & Madison to school (I miss doing that everyday!), doctor's appt @ 11:00, go to the pet store for get dog food, stop at CVS to fill a prescription, and then back to pick Madison up at 4:30.

We enjoyed a light rain in the morning, but it cleared up & I was able to open the windows & doors to enjoy the upper 70's temps. I started the day in jeans & longs sleeve and eventually ended up in a tank & shorts. I LOVE THIS WEATHER!!!

So all-in-all my bathroom is sparkley & I have taken a bath everynight! Plus I found a book I started to read a few weeks ago - which I have now resumed reading. Oh, and the water bill is paid & mailed. Good deal.

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