Sunday, November 30, 2008

lunch in San Marcos

Scott, Madison & I went to San Marcos for lunch yesterday to visit with my aunt, uncle & cousins. We met at the San Marcos River Pub. The colors on the trees were beautiful! We enjoyed outdoor seating & watching the kayakers (is that the right way to say it?) on the River behind us.
Tim will be graduating from Texas State University in a couple of weeks!
Yay Tim! Cousins... old & young. Bet you can't tell which is the old one? :)
We are quite the crew! Even without the boys! Jared was working & Dillon was at a football game, otherwise they wouldn't have
fit at our table! It's a myth that the trees don't change colors in Texas.
This year we have quite the display of leaf colors - they say it's
because the summer/fall was so dry.
I am happy to see the colors.... it reminds me of Iowa.

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