Monday, November 24, 2008

another post for my sister-in-law & her family

I just spent some time surfing our church's website, looking for some snipet of the worship music. Specifically looking for last night's worship experience. Yes.... Emily sang again! I didn't know she was going to be on stage otherwise I'd have brought my camera since I've been given a directive from Laura. I'm sorry. :( I shall be ready for the month of December when she'll be back on stage singing with Aaron Ivey (lead singer from SPUR58).

But let me describe it to you.... she was WONDERFUL! Emily got to sing with the long-time worship pastor, Andy Melvin. He gave her a few opportunities to really be heard. One particular song she sang solo. Scott & I just marveled at how confident she is and how beautiful her voice is. It's sooooo good to see & hear her praising God which is exactly where her heart is.

Something so cool about the Austin Stone worship: a tone-deaf, 'can't-carry-a-tune-in-a-bucket' type of person like me can sing at the top of their lungs (everyone is singing this loud!) & know that it is a joyful noise to God. THIS is why I love that place. Of course the preaching is fabulous... but the music.... (sigh)hmmmmm... it's good. Really Good. Thank you Emily! Keep using your gift!


Jill said...
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Jill said...

Yay! So glad, and a wee bit jealous, that you get to see and hear her so often! Sometimes I have to go searching around for some of her vidoes just to get my emmyfix. It's been so exciting to watch God orchestrate these opportunities that she's had!