Monday, October 27, 2008

The long awaited Homecoming 2008 pics

These are the infamous Homecoming Mums.
Notice how Madison's goes all the way to the floor? It has obnoxious bells on it too.
The boys are wearing the mum garters.
And their new Rugby Jerseys.

Stony Point won their Friday night homecoming game over Cedar Park!
Then it was on to the dance Saturday night.
Except for Jared... "Mom... Homecoming's for underclassmen. Geesh."
Not really, but that's the way his friends all thought this year.

Madison & Josh with Kelsey

Dillon & Carli


Ashlee Davison said...

hey shelly... so question... what did jared do that he has to go to court for it???
email me at my hotmail account!

Shelly said...

Did he post it on his myspace? You'll have to read my post on 11-5-08.