Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor day weekend

We didn't do a whole lot this weekend. We had 2 of my cousin's boys over for the weekend, Benji & Andrew (they're 15 & 13). So we spent most of the time lounging in front of the TV or swimming. Or watching the hurricane on the weather channel.
We concluded the weekend with shopping at the outlet mall for size 14 soccer cleats for my cousin's oldest boy who has GARGANTUAN feet. Whew! Monster-size shoes require alot of searching! We found a pair in the Nike store. So everyone had to buy stuff, you know, sharing in the joy of shopping.

Last Friday Scott moved out of the rental house he was staying at in Houston . He decided he couldn't stand the extra long commute & desolation of being without cable or internet (not to mention the bug infestation in the house). He is going to be renting a room from a man who lives only 20 min. from his work. There will be 4 people living in this 4-bedroom house. Hopefully it's not going from one extreme to the other! Scott moves into the new place today. So I'll have to post & let you know how he does. He just left this morning, thus the reason I am posting at 5am.

I had my first migraine headache in 10 years on Saturday. Not sure what brought it on, but luckily I was able to identify the symptoms before it got too bad & got to an urgent care clinic right away. I had to get a prescription for $50 so I could take ONE pill. I guess I'll be set if I have another migraine anytime soon. I have a feeling it came from my new glasses (which, by the way, look so much like my old glasses that Scott didn't realize I got new ones until I got this killer headache).

I can't believe it's September already. We've lived in Texas for a year now. Doesn't feel like that long, but we've had plenty to preoccupy our last year here; watching the construction of our home, moving from rental into this house, Scott's multiple attempts at surgery & then success in March, plenty of guests, new schools, new friends, new jobs.... wow. I have a feeling this next year will go quickly too.

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