Sunday, September 7, 2008

Great Weekend!

We had such a good weekend! What a great way to end a 'short' work week (Labor Day).
Scott came home on Thursday night because he met with a potential investor for the business in Houston. They met on Friday morning & the meeting was good.... we'll know more after Tuesday when the investor meets with his financial advisor.

Friday night we had an impromptu block party that included 3 of the 4 occupied houses on our end of the block. We sat outside together until 11:30pm - shared pizza, drinks, and fun stories. Soon there will be new neighbors moving into the 12 nearly finished new construction homes on our street. We've grown very close with the 3 other households on our end of the block. so I hope the infusion of new neighbors doesn't hamper our relationships. Oh! Guess what?! The couple next door (Dominick's parents) are getting married this spring & they have asked Scott to officiate their wedding! Isn't that cool? They will undoubtedly have a grand ceremony in Lago Vista.

Saturday morning Jared went to work, Dillon went to the UT campus to practice for a choir concert, and Madison stayed in bed with a terrible sore throat & crummy feeling. Scott & I took off for Wimberley so we could go to Market Days and visit with my aunt, uncle & cousins (& his girlfriend too). It was a beautiful day! Market Days is this seriously awesome flea market, craft show, antiques, everything-you-can-think-of market. We bought a plant that vines, homemade bread&butter pickles, a hat for Scott, and a bag of fresh kettle corn. Yum! On the way home we went to the UT campus to watch Dillon perform in the University of Texas Longhorn Honor Choir. Yay! He did wonderful (see later post). Long day, but fun day.

Sunday (today) Scott & I slept until 10:30! Wow! We spent the day doing family projects (laundry, dishes, mowing, groceries, jared's car, etc). Working together on these chores is so much funner than going it alone.

Scott leaves in the morning. I'm glad he switched his schedule around so he can be home Sunday nights. His new room rental worked out great. He's staying in Humble (pronounced 'Umble) which means his commute to work is only 20 mintues. Plus this new place has dish TV, internet, and a shared kitchen (a CLEAN kitchen) all for $20 more a month than the last place. He thinks there's a neighborhood pool he can use too. We miss him each week, but hopefully this won't last too much longer. If the latest investor comes through for us, then maybe Scott will be able to work from home a day or two per week.

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