Wednesday, September 17, 2008

back to school night

When your kid is in elementary school you, as a parent, looked forward to "Parents Night" so that you could meet the teacher, see where your kids sits, and most importantly to the child... view their artwork.

But let me tell you... after going to these things for 11 years, most years in 3 classrooms and sometimes in 2 different buildings... I thought I was ready to be done with "Parents Night". Since the kids are in High School, I figured they felt the way I did. Who wants their parents going to school?!

Well! Much to our surprise Jared & Dillon were eager to share their class schedules! Jared was anxious to say "Look how cool my teachers are!" and Dillon says "See! I told you my classes are hard!"

Because we have 3 kids in the same High School and there's only 2 of us, we had to leave Madison's schedule out this year. :( She didn't seeem too disappointed since she got to see first-hand what to expect from next year's teachers & classes.

So I guess we've got another 3 years of this. As long as the kids are excited to share, I should be excited to see what's going on. Afterall, if they didn't want me to come, then I would be suspicious. Right?

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