Tuesday, July 22, 2008

normal stuff

It's been really, really hot here. The daytime temps are 100 each day, yesterday was 103 on my way home at 5pm and when I went to bed at 11pm it was 90. Whew! That's hot! The only good thing is that the humidity is only about 35%. Oh... and we have a tropical depression coming up the coast to bring us some rain at the end of the week. Ahhh.... much needed rain.

Howie, Tyler & Dillon left for Houston this morning. Howie & Tyler will return tomorrow & Dillon will stay the rest of the week to work with Scott. They are going over there to visit with Scott & see where he works, lives, stuff like that. That's nice for Scott to have a mid-week visitor. I think he gets pretty bored during the weekday evenings. Plus Dillon will stay with him the rest of the week now.

Raccoons got into our garbage yesterday. :( We have egg shells & ziploc baggies floating around the yard. Frustrating.

It has been so hot during the day that swimming after 10pm is the new fad at our house. The kids went swimming 2 nights in a row - the water is so warm that it feels like a bath. Nice. Last night the kids & the neighbor (who is a cop) caught some teens putting the new pool chairs in the pool. I'm so glad we have a cop-neighbor. :)

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