Wednesday, July 16, 2008


By now you should all know what craigslist is.
It's wonderful.
It's got GREAT deals.
Local deals, like in your neighborhoods (mine is craigslist in Austin, TX).
No waiting for auctions to end.

This is the tool Jared used to find both of the jobs he's had since we came to Texas (Chili's & Kalidescope Toys).
I've bought 3 dressers, a computer desk, fax machine, color printer, dining room table, and a refrigerator on craigslist.
I also found the 3-month rental house on it last summer and Scott found the room he's renting in Houston on craigslist.

We're in the market again for a room or apartment for Scott in Houston. The room he's in right now is temporarily available until Aug. 1. We just found out Monday. Yikes!

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