Thursday, June 5, 2008

June update on Scott

Scott went to the surgeon on Monday for a follow-up visit. Good news! The doctor has released Scott to return to work... with restrictions, of course. He can lift up to 30lbs. As for sitting/standing, um, I don't know. I think Scott has to determine what he can tolerate. Anyways, this is good news so Scott can get himself a JOB! YAY!

Scott has needed his daytime insulin shots only 2 or 3 times in the past 2 WEEKS! He gives himself a long-lasting shot at bedtime but his blood sugar has been within normal range (sometimes lower than normal) all day, everyday. The surgeon thinks Scott will be able to quit the insulin shots all together soon. Let's hope so! The next endocrinologist appointment is in 3 weeks.

Each day Scott has been able to tolerate more & more physical activity. He tries to get in the pool each day to do some aquatic therapy that he learned after the back surgery in 2006. It has really paid off. He won't tell me how much weight he's lost, but his pants are all too loose now, especially his swim trunks! We're going to have to velcro those things on him soon. :)

Good Job Scott! The Road to Recovery has been long for you, but we're proud of your improvements!


Anonymous said...

So glad that things are improving and time will do that. You will have to hit garage sales and second hand stores to find clothes for Scott or he will be mooning a few people along the way! HAHA!



Glad to hear things are improving. What a hard road... Now more job hunting, that is never fun, but hopefully the rewards afterwards will be. God Bless