Wednesday, June 25, 2008

IT'S A JOB!!!!

Scott starts a new job tomorrow!
He will be Project Manager for the business we've been trying to buy in Houston.

The purchase negotiations have been dragging on & on & on... so the owner/seller decided to get Scott over there and get him started doing some management stuff. We're very thankful because it gives Scott an income plus it gets him familiar with the business.

Scott will leave this afternoon & take up residence in the room he rented last fall in a suburb north of Houston called Humble (pronounced 'um-ble').

It will take some vehicular adjustment to have Scott working again. Especially since I'm a full-time employee in another city... transportation could be an issue since Jared has a local part-time job & Dillon has football M-Th. Hmmm.....

Congrats Scott!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah God!!


Hallejah! More income..maybe a little breathing room!

Anonymous said...

PTL! Now things should hopefully start turning around and you will have less stress!!!!