Monday, May 12, 2008

Who gets which side?

Scott & I have this theory... when neither one of us is not sleeping well, then we 'switch sides' of the bed . Typically this works great & we both get at least a week's worth of restful sleep before trading back to our 'home side'.
So we decided to switch a few nights ago. I slept GREAT on his side of the bed. He didn't sleep so good on my side. Bummer. We switched back tonight. He's already in bed... asleeep. Maybe his side has some magical-sleep-inducing power. *sigh*
I was looking at other sleeping arrangements on-line and came up with these bed beauties:

With this one we would both get a whole bed to ourselves... no trading sides! Not too sure about getting in & out of bed though. I guess 'jump into bed' and 'falling out of bed' take on literal meaning. This one has a large screen TV built on the foot of the bed. I don't think we'd have any problems seeing the Tv, but I don't think there'd be much sleeping. I wonder where the speakers are. Not good.
This bed would probably work because there's really no 'sides' to it. We could just rotate 45 degrees if one of us isn't sleeping well. Then you get to keep your own side but have a change of scenery. Could work.
Oh well. I'm getting tired enough now that I don't think it'll matter which side I'm sleeping on. G'night.

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Laura said...

Maybe you need the sleep number!