Sunday, May 25, 2008

relaxing Memorial Day weekend

This year for Memorial Day we don't plan to go anywhere or really do anything. We're staying home & relaxing. Ahhhhh..... love it. The only definite 'outings' we have planned is for church tonight & visit a cemetery tomorrow. The gas prices are crazy high and we have several movies to get caught up on.

It has been in the 90's each day so we find our family going to the pool about 3 times a day. Again... love it! Last night's 'low temp' was in the 80's.

I used some of my birthday gift card money to buy pool toys (nerf balls & diving rings) and beach towels. I also got some lonnnnngg overdue hair color to get rid of some of this grey hair! Scott said he liked my greys, but I promised him they'd be back. In about 4 weeks. *sigh*

We are marinating steaks to throw on the grill tomorrow with fried potaotes, watermelon & brownies. YUM!

A special thanks to any veteran reading this blog. Not many words can describe the sacrifice. Thanks. Thanks!

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