Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day tradition

This is our family's 9th year of putting flowers on random veteran graves on Memorial Day. We each take a flower & set off quietly through the cemetery looking for a veteran's grave that doesn't already have flowers on it.
Quietly we meditate on what that miltary servant sacrificed for our county. When we re-group as a family we share the name of the person we selected and as much as we could gather about them from the headstone; branch of armed forces, rank, age, wife?

As usual, once we've paid our respects to our veterans, then we set out to look at old graves. It is so interesting what you can learn about history by doing this. Many of the early settlers in this area of Round Rock were Swedish. Lots of family plots.
This plot was particularly interesting. The headstone was the round stone attached to the top of the bars. They were so deteriorated we couldn't read anything but the year: 1881. Are these bars & chains the devices that lowered the caskets? I don't know?

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