Thursday, May 15, 2008

2 Grand Finales down... 1 to go

We're wrapping up the year of Fine Arts.
Jared's final orchestra concert was tonight. They did a great rendition of Steven Spielberg movies... "Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones" and ended with a song from Pirates of the Caribbean. Nice! Tonight might be Jared's FINAL orchestra concert EVER. {{sniff}} He decided not to take orchestra as a senior next year, he's filled his schedule with classes pertaining to a future in Political Science. Okay, I guess I'll support that decision.
Madison had her final Choir concert tonight too. Scott & Dillon went to her performance. Madison sang in a quartet in addition to her part in the choir.

See if you can hear her singing!

Saturday is Dillon's choir 'dinner theater' at Stony Point. It's called Studio 54. I'll post about it. Dillon sings in 8 of the songs. I can't wait! Stay tuned....

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