Tuesday, April 8, 2008

scott's progress

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the delay in updating the blog.... I know working full-time shouldn't be an excuse... but geesh! I got alot going on!

Scott has been doing FANTASTIC!
Scott's appointment with the endocrinologist revealed that he has probably been fighting diabetes for years, his pancreas has simply been compensating over the high blood sugar. For now Scott is taking insulin shots 4 times a day. We're hoping that in 3 weeks he can go to an oral medicine - his blood sugar levels have been good with the shots.

Last Friday Scott got the staples removed from his back & belly. The surgeon was very impressed that he's been walking around so much (with the assistance of the walker). He gave Scott incentive to keep walking and he gave him permission to drive short distances.

I'm really proud of Scott's recovery! He's trying really hard to watch his serving sizes and keep away from sugar-y and starch-y foods. I think he said he's lost about 27 pounds since being diagnosed with diabetes. YAY!!



Welcome Back! I missed your blogging. Glad to hear some things are turning up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Scott! I'm so glad to hear he is doing well. :-D