Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scott's home!

Word of wise to the squeamish... Incision picture ahead!
Scott got home from the hospital on Thurday night. We would have appreciated another night in the hospital, but you know how insurance companies & hospitals work anymore.... in one day, out the next.
Scott has 18 staples in his back where they put the clamps on vertebra L4, L3, L2.

There is another 7" incision on Scott's belly, but he didn't want me to take a picture of that one. :)
Scott's had problems with getting his intestinal system to 'wake up'. He's very distended & bloated. I'm not sure which is giving him more grief... the incision sites or the bloated belly. Yes, the gases have built up that bad. You'd think he wouldn't have any problems passing gas....!!

Scott's diabetes has been a challenge for us to learn. We've been watching what we eat & all the sugars & carbs in his diet. I'm afraid we're all in for a real lifestyle CHANGE. The insulin shots are helping his blood sugars come down to a more managable level... mostly 150's - 200's. Yay!

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how is the healing going?