Monday, February 11, 2008

Update on Scott

We're home from the hospital!! Scott had his epidural injection this morning! FINALLY!

Here's how the morning went:
7:15 - left house
7:45 - stuck in stand-still traffic - slight panic about being late to appt
8:10 - arrive 5 min early!
9:00 - Scott goes to a room - they give him private room because of MRSA scare (nice!)
9:40 - Scott begins an IV drip of a strong antibiodic
10:45 - Scott has a sensitivity reaction to antibiodic; they call it 'red man syndrome' because his face & back became flushed & he began getting itchy (weird). But his vitals were fine so they weren't too worried.
11:15 - They take Scott away for injection
11:45 - DONE! Scott is resting in his room
12:20 - We leave the hospital to go home!

Couple of really good things to point out....
The doctor was able to get the injection needle through a point in the spine instead of using a catheter! So Scott only has one small needle-hole in his back (any of you women who had this for childbirth knows what I mean).

Also, the doctor decided NOT to use a general anesthesia - they used an IV narcotic drug which lef thim awake but lessened the pain (wish I had that for the epidural I was given for Dillon's birth) - some people go to sleep with this drug, but Scott said he remained awake. And yes, he did feel pain.... it was not a 'pain-free' procedure. (... can you say ouch...)

So we'll know the full effect of this epidural within 3 days. Scott has a follow-up appointment in 10 days; they'll decide if he needs another injection using the catheter.
In the meantime he will meet with the surgeon on Wed. to see about getting his fusion surgery on the schedule. Hopefully soon! *sigh*

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