Monday, February 18, 2008

Texas vs Iowa reality check

This picture was posted on my sister-in-law's blog.... I am in disbelief of all the snow. I've forgotten how much there can be!! Oh My.... This weekend we went to a rugby game & got sunburnt. I am amazed at the differences. It looks like fun to play in the snow, for maybe one or two days. I actually do miss the beautiful white snow & the grey-white sky. Looks pretty. But cold. :)


Anonymous said...

Well, your lucky to be where it is warm. It is extremely cold here, school cancelled yesterday, late this morning and the boys district basketball game was postponed from last night to tonight. This weather has not been fun!



Cold is an understatement. It is frigid, freezing, artic weather!!! AND IT WON'T STOP. It is eatierh frigid or snowing. In fact, I think it snows every other day actually!

Laura said...

I. Want. Spring.