Friday, February 22, 2008

sooooo close.... again

Well.... Scott's surgery was cancelled by the insurance company. Again, he was sooooo close.....

The surgeon called us at 6pm to tell us the insurance notified him that Scott's operation scheduled for Monday was denied. He tried all day to contact the insurance co. but they did not return the Dr's calls.

This morning Scott got through to the insurance company & they said they cancelled for 3 reasons:
  1. Possibility of staph infection returning
  2. Surgery may not provide adequate pain relief
  3. Scott needs to go through pain management

They said the surgeon needs to contact the peer-to-peer review board to contest the denial. Gee... if they'd return his calls then maybe we could get on with this!!

Our responses are: Scott has been tested by an infectious disease specialist to prove the staph is gone.... Scott has been coached that he will have considerable pain relief - NOT 100% relief - and the surgery is our FINAL alternative... he's already been through pain management; physical therapy, drug therapy, epidural injections, steroid injections.... the surgery was our last choice.

PLEASE keep Scott in your prayers!

Not only is he physically hurting, but mentally he is crushed... his family from Iowa that was supposed to come visit & stay for the surgery will not be coming at all.... the thought he may have to simply 'endure' the pain is like prescribing a life-sentence of misery. He has had to sell his company assets because he physically cannot work....

Call him with some encouragement if you feel so inclined.... :(

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