Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Scott is on the schedule!

Okay, I'm trying not to get too excited for Scott.... mostly because he's been this close to pain relief before and, well, something always seems to come up (MRSA... work schedule...etc.).

So... he went to the consultation appointment this afternoon with the pain management Dr. & he's on the schedule for next Monday @ 8:15am.

The doctor is an anesthesiologist who specializes in back injections. The Dr educated Scott as to the complexity of this injection.... Scott has no direct path to the spinal column where the shot needs to go. This is because there's too much bone from previous fusions in this exact spot. So.... the injection will have to travel up through the spine to get to it's destination.
Basically.... this is more complicated than your average epidural injection. They'll have to give Scott general anesthesia. I'll have to take off work to get him home from the appointment.

The Dr also warned him that there may be as little as 5% relief or as great as 85% relief.

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Anonymous said...

Hope all went well this morning with the injection. I had the church pray yesterday morning for him.

Jamie, Iowa