Friday, February 15, 2008

I can't remember all of it!

Ever feel like you just can't keep everything straight? Like there is so much going on that if you don't write it down or tell someone that you just know you're going to forget something?
Here's what we've got going on:
  • Madison is having Brittany, Kelsey & Amber spend the night tonight... arriving @ 6pm.
  • The company buying Scott's TV Truck has sent 2 guys to retrieve it. They'll be here this afternoon & leaving later tonight or in the morning. they'll be staying with us.
  • We didn't know they were coming until yesterday... so Scott, Jared & Dillon cleaned the tools out of the truck last night (about 2000 lbs worth!). Right now the truck is getting the brake pads replaced & something else... the rotors? Scott & Dillon repaired some damage to it this morning. We have to get that truck back before the people from IA get here!
  • The boys have rugby practice at 8am tomorrow & a game at 2pm on Sunday. At home. Good.
  • Scott has a Dr. appt Wed. with the vascular surgeon & Thurs. with the neurosurgeon.
  • We have homework for our small group; EVERYNIGHT we're supposed to be reading a chapter from Mark... or was it Hebrews...? Ummm....
  • Scott's Mom & Dad, Brother, Sister & niece are coming next weekend. I need to find where all the pillows went.
  • I need to get some bills paid... my paycheck was deposited today so I need to take time to pay stuff while before they become delinquent.
  • My sister-in-law's birthday was on Feb 4th... everyday I look at the gift we bought her... and everyday I think "I need to get that sent". I'm seriously going to do that.... this weekend? Next week?
  • We're out of paper plates.
  • And kleenex.
  • Almost out of butter & milk.

Alright. I feel better. I'll look to back here if I can't remember what I'm supposed to. There wasn't anything else was there? Remind me if I've forgotten something you know of. Thanks. :)

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