Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stony Point RUGBY

Today was the first EVER Stony Point Rugby game! This is a new team and Jared & Dillon got to experience the thrill of being a part of it! Here is the whole team having their cleats checked for illegal spikes. I'm glad they check because the game is already violent enough...

Jared is #13 & plays 'outside-center wing'. Dillon is #14 & plays 'winger'. Occasionally they played right next to each other on the field. Here they are next to one another. Love the shorts & socks!! Dillon ended up playing almost all 4 games because his 'back-up man' dislocated his shoulder. Here is Dillon taking a quick break. Poor guy, he is so tired! Other injuries on the field included a hyper-extended knee, 2 bloody noses, a cut on the head and I'm pretty sure one guy went home with a concussion. The coach thought this was a great day since only one injury required a trip to the ER.

The following video is a chant the Stony Point Tiger Team does to get themselves fired up. They say "Key-la-key-la" which means "killer, killer" is some African language. Lovely.

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