Friday, January 25, 2008

Lost Christmas pictures

This is the traditional Brown Family Christmas photo. We usually take it at Thanksgiving & it's ready for Christmas cards. Well... this year the pictures ended up, um... actually I'm not sure why they got overlooked.
Anyways, here they are for your viewing enjoyment.
This is the final photo we're all happy with. Especially Dillon because he was on his tippy-toes & this makes him look almost as tall as Scott.

This picture is of my dad's rear end. He didn't get to his spot fast enough before the timer went off. Oops. Good job of smiling William!

Here is the line-up we originally had placed everyone in. Then we realized Madison is not really as little as we thought.
Plus Macey, the dog, thought she should be included.

Finally we concluded with a 'goofy' picture. This is my favorite. I think we need to coach Damon & Dad on what 'goofy' means. You have to zoom in on this one & look at everyone up close... it's funnier when you look at each of us close-up. hahaha This makes me laugh! Hope you get a good laugh too. :)

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Lauren said...

:) I got a good laugh out of that last one!