Tuesday, December 11, 2007

crummy morning

We're not off to a good start:
  • I overslept by 15 mintues
  • The dog pooped on the floor
  • Madison was not up yet - so she's late too - but then she says she's sick.... great
  • My hair is doing funky (not attractive) things
  • I ran out of foundation make-up, so I opened the new one -- turns out to be too light of a shade for me -- Now I look sick too
  • We ran out of miracle whip for my lunch's ham sandwich... 'a sandwich just isn't a snadwich without the great taste of miracle whip' ya know
  • The milk expired last Friday, so I'm afraid to use it on my cereal... so I skip breakfast
  • I forgot to grab my purse when I got out to the car so I had to run back inside to look for it
  • I got stuck at the light for 3 greens (2 mintues per light rotation, so 6 extra minutes on my commute)
  • It's misty-rainy today so people drive extra slow (thus making me later for work)
  • Madison stays home with Scott today --BUT she has an orchestra concert tonight that will reduce her grade an entire letter if she does not participate... is she really sick? What is going on?!
  • Lastly, I arrived at work so that I could sit & wait for the phone to ring.... once so far.

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