Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Scott's test results

The results from Scott's myelogram are bitter-sweet....
The sweet part is that we are able to pin-point the reason he is having so much pain & there IS a solution! No more pain!!
The bitter part of the story is that the solution involves more surgery for Scott; another fusion of the next 2 vertebrae up his back from the last surgery. His lumbar vertebrae will all be fused together, no future bending, twisting, or curling of his back.

We will visit with his doctor on Friday to pursue an appointment with a neurosurgeon.

Scott is faced with the choice:
  • Live with back pain but retain movement (albeit painful) -or-
  • No bending the lower part of his back (translation: no more tying shoes or reach to the floor) but live in SUBSTANTIALLY less pain

The more sugery Scott has, the more mobility he sacrifices. Tough choice. Please pray about this for him. He's down in the dumps about it all.

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