Thursday, November 29, 2007

New job

Well, I am at the new job.
I have a cubicle. With a phone (obviously a computer too). No window.

I haven't quite figured out how I will be conducting my job? The first day I sat with a fellow analyst but then he was gone sick on Tues & Wed with no back-up plan for me. So I've spent much of my time setting up my preferences on the computer & reading LOTS of instruction manuals for the software our customers use. *yawn* But I gotta start somewhere!

I brought the camera today so I could take pictures of my 'cubby'. I'll post them later!

The hours are very flexible (maybe only while I'm in training?) as long as I work 8 hours per day. The dress code is business casual, which I like. The people are very nice & helpful... sometimes I feel a little over-my-head in conversations about programming languages, codes, fixes, etc... but I'm confident I'll catch on, I've only been here 4 days!

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