Monday, November 5, 2007

Lazy Days of Summer

We have enjoyed a most beautiful day today, feels almost like summer, or at least the temperatures of a late summer/early fall day. We reached 88 degrees, but the breeze kept us feeling like it was more like 70's. Tomorrow we are expecting a cold front & the high is supposed to be 65 degrees. I guess we'll have to get the jackets back out. Crazy when you can wear shorts & tanks one day & jeans with jackets the next.

Scott is working in Houston still. He has been putting in 4-day work weeks lately. Seems like he needs to come home on Fridays or Mondays for one reason or another. I like it that he's only gone 4 days but he really needs to focus on the job deadline coming up (Dec. 15)! He'll probably have to stay in Houston to work a few weekends soon. Bummer.

This is the last week of football for Dillon & volleyball for Madison. I think they are both ready for the season to be over. Dillon might try out for basketball, but he's also interested in looking for a local wrestling club. Madison thought she might do basketball.... she's never played on the team before... so she'll have to 'try out' to see if she's good enough to make the team. I think she should at least try. Don't you think?

Dillon just found out his choir will be going to Branson, Missouri for a few days in April to sing at a concert hall. He'll get to go to Silver Dollar City and do some other fun things. Now... if we could muster up $590.... ?!!

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