Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The weekend

  • FRIDAY: Cami, Jared's girlfriend, goes to school in Hutto, a neighboring school district. Her homecoming dance was Friday night AFTER the football game. So I checked with Hutto High School & found out Jared could NOT attend the dance since he goes to a different school. Bummer... So Jared watched the tail-end of the Hutto game since Cami is the 'dance captain' and low & behold... a back-door was open for him to get into the dance. Gee... How could that happen?!? At 1:45 Jared finally came home from a night of Country Line Dancing & Tejano Mexican music (Hutto is a primarily small, agricultural community).
  • SATURDAY: Dillon & Jared picked up the wrist corsages they ordered for their girlfriends for the Stony Point Homecoming Dance. Jared's was 2 pink roses (very pretty) and Dillon's was 5 white sweetheart roses (also very pretty).
  • SATURDAY EVENING: Jared & Dillon argued incessently over ONE black belt that each of them needed to wear. Apparently Dillon's is too small & he thought Jared had other black belts. Anyways, it ended up Dillon covertly left the house while Jared wasn't looking. An irrate Jared cell-phoned Dillon all the way to Olive Garden. Scott & I stopped at Kohl's & bought Jared a new belt while he went to get Cami. Hopefully Cami's mom wasn't planning on pictures at Cami's house... what a fashion faux-pau!
  • SATURDAY DINNER: Scott & I took Dillon to Tristyn's for pictures and then we drove the kids to Olive Garden for dinner. Good news is that the seating was only a 20 minute wait. The bad news is that their meal lasted just long enough for me to get Jared's black belt from Kohl's, pick-up Chinese & deliver it to our house for Jared & Cami's dinner before I had to go back across town to pick up Dillon & Tristyn to go to the dance. I didn't get much of a chance to do dinner with Jared & Cami. :( Luckily Scott remembered to take pictures of Jared & Cami before they left for the dance.
  • SATURDAY NIGHT: Scott, Madison & I watched 2 movies, 'Music & Lyrics' and 'Premonition'. Jared got home @ midnight (much better than night before) and Dillon was dropped off at 12:30. Yay! We Survived!

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