Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tour of the new house!

This is a lengthy tour, but enjoy the new house! We certainly are!

Second Floor:


Trunnell News said...

Very Nice house!!!! :)

Jill said...

I consider it an honor to be hanging in anyone's bathroom - especially your's. You would not believe how many people tell me that that's where they've put my things - it's an easy space to decorate a little more wild and fun than you may want the rest of your house to be. As for the glass table - I'm sure you'll have a much better time of it because your kids NEVER make messes, and if they do they can clean them up themselves ;) Plus, your dogs are little. Their noses probably can't even reach to the underside of the table. It is kind of fun to torment the dogs with the food that they can see, but can't get to. One of our stupider family pets, Sadie, was fooled everytime you'd drop food on the table. She thought for sure it had dropped straight through to the ground.
Nice house - hope to see it person someday!