Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My mom & next week

I am getting ready to make a trip to Iowa next week. The kids are insanely jealous until I remind them that this isn't a 'vacation' to visit my friends or spend some time enjoying the cool weather... I am going to Iowa City so I can be at the hospital when my Mom has her surgery next Friday. That usually shuts them up.
My Mom & Dad told me the doctors have run many tests & are optomistic that the tumor on my mom's pancreas is centralized (not growing to other parts of her body) and they think the surgery will remove the growth. She will undergo a very invasive surgery, not only remove the tumor, but to investigate & determine if there are any other signs of cancer.As you all know, trips from Iowa to Texas are a bit pricey... the fact we just used up all our reserves to get into the new house was going to make the trip a stretch, so my aunt Jeannetta & I decided to drive back to Iowa together. BUT when Jeannetta approached her boss about taking time off to be in Iowa with my Mom, the man gave Jeannetta a GIFT of 2 plane tickets to Iowa plus time off! YAY!! See... God does provide! I don't even know this man, but you can bet he is in my prayers with a big THANK YOU attached (I'll send him a written TY too).
Please keep my Mom in your prayers next week. And my Dad, and my trip. Thanks. Love ya Mom! See you Thursday!

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Jill said...

wow! What a huge blessing! It's so awesome to see God blow us away by doing something bigger than what we thought. He certainly doesn't have to bless us, he WANTS to!