Saturday, October 20, 2007

I give up

If any of you have noticed... Jared has not been wering his glasses in the past few posts. This isn't because he doesn't need to, he's still half blind (figuratively); he simply 'misplaced' his glasses at school. First he told me they were stolen... like someone desperately needed a pair of prescription glasses... ??? Then he told me that he left them ON THE FLOOR near his backpack when he was in gym, and upon returning he conveniently forgot about them & only retrieved his bag. At the end of the day when he retraced his steps... THEY WERE STOLEN!!? Hmmm.....

Also, last Tuesday I was putting clothes away in the upstairs when I kept stepping on something hard, but I couldn't see anything on the sandy white carpet. After stepping on the 'transparent' item 2 or 3 times I decided to investigate. There lay Madison's bottom retainer... one side chewed half-away by the dog. Now... don't go feeling sorry for Madison.... It is inumerable how many times I have told her to put the retainer somewhere the dog cannot reach. In-one-ear-and-out-the-other is exactly where that advice went. $150 lesson to be learned there. But by who...? Me? Madison? Macey? Who's got the $150? Oh. That would be me.

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