Thursday, October 11, 2007

Homecoming is coming

I suppose I should be more excited about this weekend's Stony Point Homecoming and it being Dillon's first Homecoming experience, but DANG, does everything have to cost so much?!

Dillon & I ordered his girlfriend's wrist corsage yesterday: $19. He bought the tickets for Homecoming: $20 per couple. Olive Garden is planned for dinner with another couple they are 'doubling' with: $40. And he claims he needs a new dress shirt that 'matches' his girlfriend's dress... she says she'll go shopping with us to make sure it matches... I wonder if she could pay for it too.
None of this cost includes Jared's TWO Homecomings this weekend. He's got the same costs, the difference is that he has a job... Jared's girlfriend goes to a different High School who has their event on Friday and Jared & Dillon's is on Saturday.
I'm going to go broke.
But I'll get pictures doing it.

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Laura said...

ahhhh...the memories. I can't wait to see pictures. I can't believe they already have girlfriends! They work fast! They're good lookin guys, though. You probably have to beat all the girls off with a stick.