Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Homecoming Festivities

I took this picture to explain a local Homecoming Tradition: The MUM. This mum is worn by students who want to show their school spirit. They are decorated with extra-curricular activities trinkets. Anyone can wear a mum for Homecoming Day & actually there were some kids wearing multiples of these things. Jared & Dillon's mums have been given to them by their girlfriends. The girls purchased a somewhat generic mum & decorated it with doo-dads that the boys like, or involved in, or whatever. Then you wear it to school on Homecoming Friday. Here is a close-up of Jared's. Notice the word 'Rugby' on the left... then the girlfriend's name: Cami.... many tiny cowbells.... Stony Point Tiger logo.... Jared's name.... Homecoming 2007.
This is basically the same picture as above, but I thought it was good of the boys in front of the fireplace.
Oh yes... the BIG game.... Dillon is showing his school spirit for the game against Cedar Park. Notice the paint on his arms is still wet. The finger gesture is the Stony Point Tiger "claw" symbol. Whatever. As long as it's not gang-related....
Unfortunately Stony Point lost. They have never won a homecoming game in their 6-year history. Bummer.

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