Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bus troubles

Because we're a new neighborhood we've had an issue getting a school bus out here to get Madison picked up for school. I called last Tuesday & they said the bus would pick her up the next morning at 7:35.
The bus finally showed at 7:50.
Thursday the bus showed at 7:40.
Friday it was here at 7:35. Yay!
Monday it came at 8:10. I called to complain.
Today is was here at 7:35. Another kid in the neighborhood also got on at her stop. BUT....

The issue is that this bus has not budgeted for the extra time it takes to pick-up Madison & this other boy... so the bus is late to school each day, including the days it's here at 7:35. All the kids have to go to the office for excused tardy slips. Today Madison came home upset because the kids on the bus complained that she is causing them all to be late to school. Like it's her fault?! I called again to complain, this time I spoke to the Transportation Director and I called her school counselor. I hope things get better for her. Dang bus!

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Trunnell News said...

O.k. That is crazy. How hard can it be???? Haven't they been running buses for years??

Thanks for giving us the link to your blog. That is fun.