Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bad news for pictures

I should have known something bad was going to happen with the camera.... or posting blogs with pictures from the camera.
When I got up this morning it was way foggy outside. As I walked through the upstairs, I noticed a huge hand-print on the outside of the upstairs window, obviously a remnant of the builders when they installed the window many months ago. I decided to get a picture of it. It does look kindof weird to have a handprint on a 2nd story window. And a big hand-print to boot!
No camera. Someone took it from the spot it's stored in. I don't think it was me. I'm pretty sure it wasn't. I'm a stickler for 'put-it-back-where-it-belongs' so I most likely put it away.

I decided to get on-line just now & the computer was giving me a warning that one of my USB Hub ports had malfunctioned. What?! When I looked on the ground under the computer desk I see that Macey has chewed the camera cord in HALF. So if I did have the camera, I wouldn't be able to post any pictures.

I hate that dog. At least today I do.

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