Wednesday, September 26, 2007

who took Jared?

Okay, most of you know our oldest son, Jared, who is 16. If any of you read the comicstrip called 'Zits' you would swear the boy named Jeremy (seen above) might as well be named Jared. Jared is IDENTICAL to Jeremy.
At least he was...
Since we have moved to Texas, we are seeing a much different Jared! For example:

  • He joined the Rugby Team at the high school, his practices are 3 times a week at 6AM!
  • He joined the Debate Team at school, practicing every afternoon. First competition is this weekend. I'm not sure how to dress....
  • He works for tips! His job at Chili's has opened his eyes to instant gratification for a job well done.
  • He does his homework! It's true... I saw him working on it twice now. Which is more than I witnessed for the past 2 years of high school (I do recall helping him once, so maybe he did do homework before... just not in my presence).
  • He ASKED to drive the big Ford Diesel truck to school on Monday, instead of the car. He says bigger trucks are cool now. SEE??? WHO IS THIS KID??!
  • Then he brought home stuff for college... he wants to pursue a Political Science degree, says it will help him be president someday. Amen.

I am enjoying this new child that took the place of our old Jared. :) Now if I could just get him to wear his seatbelt & glasses everytime he drives the car he'd be the perfect child.


Jill said...

Maybe he's seeing this as an opportunity to "re-invent" himself"?! Sounds like lots of cool stuff is happening. It's good to be so busy - keeps him out of trouble! So is he a waiter at Chili's?

Shelly said...

Jared is a bus-boy at Chili's. They share 'house' tips each time he works, so if he does a good job cleaning & assisting the wait staff it pays off. He tells me about some of the conversations he has with customers while they're waiting for their food... he's definitely his father's son, no problem visiting with people he doesn't know.