Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Living Tour of our NEW HOUSE

As if I haven't bored you enough with the videos of the house we live in now... I am now at it again with videos of the new construction house. Sorry!
Anyways, here is an update of the progress: inside is all painted, cabinets are in. Oustide is all bricked, we're waiting for the back patio & front walkway... It's going to be a beautiful house. Make sure you've got a good 10 minutes to watch all of these. Especially the next blog where Scott steps in mud. hahaha

Here is the front of the house!

As we go through the front door... isn't the fireplace pretty?

The master bedroom. Should be enough room for us. :)

The rest of the 1st floor.

Now we're headed up the stairs...

The rest of the 2nd floor (including your bedroom!)

This is leaving the house & outside on the north side (I think it's north?).

This is the new neighborhood swim pool. It's 3 lots away from our house & will be done in November. Not sure we'll swim then... might be too cool... we'll see.

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