Sunday, August 19, 2007

Keeping busy

This week will be busy since it's our last free week before school starts. Our school begins on Monday, Aug. 27th.

Jared has been applying for jobs, a few each weekday; even though he had a good recommendation for The UPS Store they were not as receptive as we hoped. He's had a few job offers from restaurants but he's looking for one where he might get good tips (in other words, no fast food). Jared will go to the high school 'new student' orientation on Thursday at Stony Point High School.

Dillon has football practice each day from 4-6pm. Thursday he will go to orientation at Stony Point - 9th grade campus. All the students in that school will go to orientaion since everyone will be new! HA! Get it? Only 9th graders go there... ?! Anyway, the High School is right next door to the 9th-grade campus, so the Jared & Dillon will ride together to school each day.

Madison ALSO has orientation on Thursday! She will go to Hopewell Middle School. I'll have to give Madison a ride to school each day because this rental house is not in the right district (when we get into the new house she'll be able to ride the bus). Madison also has volleyball sign-up & try-outs on Friday. She's a little nervous because they play a very competitve rotation here... I have to admit that I have a little anxiety about it all too.

Scott has had very promising meetings with 3 different banks about our Houston business venture. He'll follow-up with each of those banks this week, plus we have a meeting with a financial advisor who deals with venture capitalists in Texas. This is very exciting!

I have been on this never-ending pursuit of getting my Texas drivers license. Who knew that there are FOURTEEN offices I have to go through to simply change my license from Iowa to Texas (okay I'm exaggerating, but at least 5 different places; inspections, registrations, 3 forms of ID... whatever). Oh, I forgot to mention the $200 per vehicle registration. WHAT?! As if the move to Texas wasn't financially draining enough. I am also contemplating doing some research work similar to the work I did in Iowa. Simply finding all the county offices has been a challenge! As I just stated... Nothing seems to be easy!!

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