Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Welcome Home

Today Jared, Madison & I went to the highway to park and watch the soldiers from the 1/133rd infantry come home. First was the police escort, then a huge motorcade of motorcyclists and flags. Then finally about 15 buses of soliders went by. We waved to them & could see them waving back through the glass.
I don't personally know any of the soldiers, but the tears rolled down my cheeks as they drove by. My chest swelled with pride and my stomach dropped with anticipation that these people were almost home after 2 years. Each of these individuals risked their lives (2 men were killed) to defend those who are less fortunate. I'm so proud of ALL our American soliders and I am equally proud to be an American! I pray God blesses each of their families.

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Jill said...

wow! What a neat thing to do! I got all choked up just reading this!