Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rentals, rentals, who's got rentals??

Well, we have done everything we can think of. The new house will not be ready until mid-September. This is about 3 weeks later than we planned. The kids start school on August 27 & orientation is the week prior to that. I have been 'shopping' for a sub-let house or apartment for the last 3 weeks. Dead ends. The one place I thought was going to work out turned out that there were hundreds of law suits against the place for everything from mold in the apartments to trying to get their deposit back after moving out. The lady never called back & I'm not pursuing it anymore. yikes.
Did you know there are people called 'Leasing Agents'? They are similar to a realtor except they match people to apartments & they get paid a commission too. It's very cut-throat. I don't like it. We've talked to a couple of them & they've tried to convince us there's no such thing as a sub-lease (basically because they don't get full commission on it). They want to stick us in a minimum 6 month lease.
I'm calling out the personal stops now... I emailed our old church in Round Rock to see if there's anyone in the congregation who has rentals. Scott met a 'friend of a friend' while he was in Austin last spring, we emailed him to see if he knows anyone. I'm getting ready to call my sister-in-law's (Jill's) sister, Emily, who lives in Austin to see if she knows anyone who's got rentals available.
Worst case scenerio is that we'll pull the camper to Texas & hook up for a few weeks. The kids' faces turned morbidly white when I brought this up as an option. Can you imagine all 5 of us plus 2 dogs & a chameleon in one camper for 3 weeks during the hottest part of the summer in Texas? hahahaha An adventure is what I keep telling myself.... this is an adventure....
God will provide. He always does. Even if it's a camper. ;)


emily said...

Hey Shelley! I am praying for this! I will contact my community group (bible study) and see if anyone knows anything, and also send out an email to the people I know here in Austin, if that is ok with you. My community group is really good about meeting the needs of the people around them! The apartment that i'm in has short term leases, but I think the contract is for at least 3 months. And it's 2 bedroom 2 bath, and not sure if there are any available, but I can look into that.
I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open too. If there is ANYTHING I can do, please let me know!
FYI-4 days before I planned to move to Austin, I still didn't have a place to live or a job! CRAZY!! 4 days!! But God shows up and He provides in HIS way and in HIS timing! Take in all that He is teaching you during this time! It's good! prayin' for you!

Shelly said...

Oh Emily, thank you for your encouraging words. You could probably tell by my post that I am getting anxious! Thank you, thank your for calling on your friends. Even if you are unable to find a place for us I appreciate your attitude (i am crying because i am sad at my lack of faith...) I can't wait to get to TEXAS!!