Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The big MOVE is in sight

It is official, we have temporary housing starting the first of August! This is it. It's located in Round Rock, Texas about 5 minutes from the high school where Jared & Dillon will be going next month. We will stay here for August, September and October. My Aunt Jeannetta (bless her heart!) went to look at the place for us on Sunday & gave it the big 'thumbs up'. It's a bit small, very nice, just small - remember we have 5 people & 2 dogs. After 3 months in this 3BR house, I bet the new 5 BR house will feel like a mansion.
I was getting a bit nervous about the housing situation since the construction on the new house has been VERY delayed from all the rain Texas has had over the past 6 weeks. Our foundation is scheduled to be poured on Thursday (heard that one before) and the framing is scheduled to begin Saturday (this is new!). Of course this is barring any further rain delays.

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