Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What you find when you clean...

I was cleaning out a closet today when I stumbled across a package of 'POP ROCKS'. No, not some ancient disco CD, but the actual Strawberry flavored package of sugary crystals that pop in your mouth! I bought a carton of about 20 of these packages several months ago... maybe at Christmas-time? I thought Dillon ate them all, but to my delight he overlooked one precious package. I hid it in my purse until I had an opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the popping sensation... you remember when you get a honkin' huge crystal gently positioned between your teeth then you CHOMP on it to create a blowout against your cheek? Or how about when you dump a pile into the palm of your hand & then throw it into your mouth swallowing quickly so you feel the nicks & dings against the inside of your throat as they go down your esophagus? Whoo!! I couldn't wait to get these babies into my mouth so everyone could hear the popping and wonder what in the heck I was doing. Tonight was my night!

P.S. I hope my dentist doesn't read this, I had the last of my cavities filled this morning.

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